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Published on Monday, September 02, 2013

invites you to enjoy days of fun activities at our visitors center and factory stores in Nahalal and Zichron Yaakov.

The Five Senses Experience - multi-sensual experience to introduce the features of the ethereal oils:
  • You will touch, smell and work with over 30 types of fragrant plants which grow in the flower beds in the yard.
  • You will observe the process of refining the oils in the refinery and
    learn how it works.
  • You will hear an interactive lecture on A Healthy Lifestyle and   Natural Cosmetics - introducing the wonderful features of the     natural oils and their contribution to a healthy lifestyle and natural care products.
  • Tips and recommendations for the proper use of ethereal oils for the family, men, women and babies.
Variety of workshops, in which you prepare natural cosmetic products by themselves. 

Preparation of the anointing oil with a detailed explanation of the various herbs.
Each guest will create a 30 ml. bottle of oil for him/herself, based on the special features of each of the oils and its spiritual significance, which can then be used for many purposes:
  • Purifying the body
  • Healing 
  • Purifying the home and environment
  • Prayer
A powerful experience for every believer during his/her trip to Israel.

Additional workshops:
  • Preparing a natural skin care cream - during the workshop, the visitors will learn about the ingredients in the natural cream and its many advantages and together, will create a personal cream, depending on the purpose and fragrance of their choice.
  • Preparation of your own individual and original perfume - In this workshop, the visitors will create a perfume from various ethereal oil extracts that is original and natural. The ingredients will be suited not only to create a favorite fragrance but also to the desired healing and mood.
  • New!  Aromatic Salt Workshop - In this workshop, the visitors will prepare aromatic salts to use in a burner to diffuse a nice fragrance and atmosphere at home or at work, or to be used as a bath salt or for peeling. Each participant will receive a kit for preparing aromatic salts that includes mineral salt, ethereal oils and a variety of flowers.

The visit also includes: 
  • Spectacular herb garden 
  • Complimentary coffee, tea and cold water (breakfast or coffee and pastries may be ordered)
  • 2 air-conditioned/heated lecture areas
  • Large staff fluent in a variety of languages
  • Open 7 days a week 
  • Adjacent parking for buses and private vehicles
  • Reservations can be made in advance or by telephone on the same day call. 
  • Benefits for agents, guides and drivers
  • Large restroom facility, includes accessibility to persons with disabilities
For additional information, please contact us at the following numbers:
Nahalal - 04-6515132
Zichron Yaakov - 04-6899406

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