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Inspired by Nature
Published on Thursday, January 24, 2013

invites you to experience a place where nature meets the body.  Feel yourself revitalized by the power and beauty of a lush landscape in bloom. Breathe in nature's fresh, soothing air. Close your eyes and float away in an enchanting spell of delightful sensations.

Richly colored petals, fragrances of the field, fertile seeds and fruity flavorsthese are the source and inspiration for 's natural cosmetics.  They remind us that we are all part of the same creation, composed of the same elements.  They rekindle our natural senses which we sometimes forget amid the hectic pace of modern life.

Over the course of more than a decade of research and work, we've been creating scientific and active formulations based on the natural affinity between plant extracts and your skin. Our inquisitiveness and ceaseless search for breakthrough solutions in aromatherapy drive us to continue creating products enriched with organic ingredients, which replace chemicals and controversial synthetic substances.

The extracts and oils mixed into our products are extracted from organic harvests, grown under meticulous standards in respect for the land and its fertility.  All crops are treated without the intervention of genetic engineering (non-GMO), without sprays or synthetic fertilizers. They are grown from their natural sources in Israel and around the world.

's natural products are based on essential oils of the purest and highest quality.

Our traditional refining and production processes enable our products to retain the curative properties and vitality of plants at their peak level of ripeness while preserving their aromatherapy qualities.

We create each of our products with especially high concentrations of active substances to ensure an optimal effect.  The product label indicates the exact percentage of natural ingredients it contains along with our pledge to avoid using controversial artificial ingredients such as SLS, parabens, silicone, petroleum or artificial coloring agents.


Organic Bergamot FCF Oil

30Is an excellent remedy for excessive sweating and bad body odor. When breathed in is effective for dealing with post-traumatic condition, balances emotional changes during the day, and provides a relaxing...

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